Zoom Lecture and AGM - Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 14.00hrs

Opera and Design - Simon Rees

19th November 2020
Dear Arts Society Members and Friends,

Another month has passed and we once again find ourselves in “lockdown”. What better way to spend an Autumn afternoon than to join us for our November lecture on Opera and Design.

Opera is an elaborate, even extravagant, art form. From its earliest times at the beginning of the 17th century, up to the present day, it has employed artists and architects to design sets and costumes, and has used the richest materials and effects, often by means of tromp-l’oeil and other forms of visual trickery. Our lecturer, Simon Rees traces the arts associated with opera through surviving drawings, paintings, early theatres and their scenery, up to the present day, where such artists as John Piper, Sidney Nolan and David Hockney have thrived as theatre designers. Simon draws on his own experience as Welsh National Opera’s Dramaturg from 1989-2012 in delivering this detailed and entertaining account.

Simon Rees, our speaker, studied English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, before teaching in Italy and Japan, exploring the art and architecture of both countries. From 1989 to 2012 was Dramaturg at Welsh National Opera in Cardiff, working with set, costume and props designers and giving lectures on their work in opera production. Now a freelance writer and lecturer, lectures widely on opera, art history and literature, travelling extensively with travel companies. Has published several novels, including the award-winning The Devil's Looking-Glass, poems and opera librettos.

Non members and guests are welcome to join us for this lecture at a fee of £8.00; if anyone is interested, please contact me, before 8pm on Tuesday 24 November.
Newsletter & Notice of AGM
4th November 2020
Dear Arts Society Members and Friends,

I hope this finds you all well and not too despondent about the impending "lockdown".

Thank you to everyone who persevered with the technical hitches we experienced at the beginning of our last lecture. We did, in the end have a good number of participants; I hope you all enjoyed the talk, it was an interesting and thought provoking topic and I am sure many of us will look at the public art around us in a different light. I do apologise to those of you who were unable to join us and missed out.

The coronavirus, is once again impacting our lives in a dramatic way but The Arts Society Kingsbridge will continue and you can all look forward to our next lecture which will be given by Simon Rees on Opera and Design. I will send further details of this later in the month.


Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 25th November after the lecture. The Notice, audited accounts and the Minutes of the last AGM are attached below. Most of our current committee are willing to stand again, we need people to propose and second these appointments. Sadly, Jill Trumble who has been our Thursday secretary for many years has decided to stand down, she will be greatly missed. We do have a number of vacancies on the committee and are looking for volunteers to join us. We are a friendly and welcoming team and can offer support and guidance to anyone who might be interested.

Current Vacancies

Arts Volunteering: this covers young arts, heritage volunteering and trails of discovery.
Website/social media coordinator
Thursday Secretary

Please do contact me if you would like more information on any of these important roles.

If you have items for Any Other Business or any questions, please forward them to me by email before 13th November. I will then forward an Agenda.
Zoom Lecture - Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 14.00hrs

Public Art: David Worthington

24th October 2020
Dear Arts Society Members and Friends,

What a success our first Zoom lecture was on Caravaggio. Thank you to all who contacted me with such positive feedback, it was lovely to know that my efforts were well received. Our membership numbers are slowly creeping up, I do hope we might manage to encourage a few more to re-join. Do feel free to forward this email to any friends or guests who might be interested. We would be happy to offer a free trial lecture for new members.

Our lecture this month is entitled Public Art, it is the most visible form of art and a contentious subject. Why are some examples loved and others loathed? How is that they appear in our public spaces? Our lecturer will guide us through the development of public art over the last century; he will explain the process of procurement from the initial commission to the production and installation. Drawing on his own experiences and using various examples and case studies he will show us why we are all richer with the presence of art on our streets.
"Family from Another Place", Great Queen Square, Covent Garden.
By David Worthington from Red Iranian Travertine.

David Worthington, our speaker has been drawn to abstract sculpture since seeing a Barbara Hepworth in a school history book aged 10. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Theology, then studied fine art in London, Barcelona and New York. He makes, curates and writes about art. He was shortlisted for the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2009 and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Sculptors (Vice President in 2010-13).

David has carried out public commissions in the UK, America and Japan and has work in the Creative Cities Collection, Beijing. He has had solo shows at numerous galleries as well as Glyndebourne Festival Opera and taken part in many exhibitions including Colyer Bristow Gallery and Contemporary Sculpture at Fulmer 2018.
Once again, please do note the date and time, Wednesday 28 October at 2pm and remember this is a Zoom lecture, there will be no one in the Methodist Church! Members will be sent an invitation to join the lecture via email on Tuesday 27 October (the day before the lecture). I have included the Zoom guidance (below) for those who may be unsure of how to participate.

Non members and guests are welcome to join us for this lecture at a fee of £8.00;
Zoom Lecture - Wednesday 23 September 2020 at 14.00hrs

Caravaggio: Murderer or Genius - Julia Musgrave

17th September 2020
Dear Arts Society Members and Friends,

Thank you to those of you who have renewed your membership and for those of you who are hesitant, there is still time before our first lecture.

It is now only a week before our inaugural Zoom lecture and I thought I would remind you all of the topic and give some guidance to those of you who are new to Zoom, on how to join the lecture. Please do note the date, Wednesday 23 September at 2pm. Whilst this is not the last Wednesday in the month it would have been the date of our first lecture in the Methodist Church.

Julia Musgrave, our speaker this month, is a freelance lecturer in the History of Art and Co Director of The London Art Salon. She has a Graduate Diploma in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute and an MLitt in Art, Style and Design: Renaissance to Modernism. She is currently researching the involvement of Roger Fry and the Bloomsbury Group in the development of the Contemporary Art Society (1910 to 1939), whilst working towards her Ph.D. Our lecture on Wednesday will follow the dramatic incidents of the life of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an artist who is famed as much for his art as for his criminal record. Was it the violence of his times or his own violent spirit that inspired the dramatic lighting and intense naturalism of his work and how and why has his influence spread so far? Do join us on Wednesday to find out more.
Our Plans for September
27th August 2020
Dear Art Society Members and Friends,

It has been sometime since I last wrote to you. I do hope that as the 'lockdown' has been eased you are managing to get out and about and enjoy our beautiful countryside. The coronavirus, however is still impacting our lives and the life of the Arts Society Kingsbridge.
We have continued to sponser a flower bed for Kingsbridge in Bloom. It is in the same place as last year, right beside the pedestrian crossing on the Market Square, do look out for it.

I promised to keep you updated with our plans for The Art Society Kingsbridge for the coming year, starting in September. We had very much hoped that we may have been able to meet in again in the Methodist Church but unfortunately this is not to be. The Church is not opening its doors to outside groups until at least October and with the existing Government guidelines and the Church's own risk assessment it will be untenable for us to meet again there for the foreseeable future. Please do not despair, your Society is not about to disappear, your Committee are still here and working to bring you the planned lectures.

I expect many of you have become much more computer savvy during the 'lockdown', keeping in touch with loved ones and friends with the use of various clever electronic means. 'Zoom' and 'Houseparty' have allowed us to see and talk to friends and it is by using 'Zoom' that we intend to bring you our lectures for September, October and November. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this it is a way of seeing and hearing a live lecturer from the comfort of your own home, via the use of a computer/laptop or tablet. Many Societies around the country are using this technique and it has proved to be very successful, members attending the virtual lecture have expressed how much they have enjoyed the meeting.

I had the privilege of attending one of these 'Zoom' lectures held by the Taunton Art Society. Everyone had received detailed information on how to login and what to do, there was a technical adviser available by telephone for those who had any difficulties. The Chairman gave an introduction in the same way that would be given at a normal meeting and then handed over to the Speaker. On your screen you should be able to see the Lecturer in a small box throughout the talk and all the slides that form part of that talk will appear as the main picture. There is a way of asking questions electronically at the end or you can ask a live question directly to the speaker. The Taunton Society had over 100 members join in and their feedback was very positive.

After much discussion, your Committee have decided that for these virtual lectures we will only offer one session instead of the usual two (Wednesday pm and Thursday am), this will be on the last Wednesday of the month in the afternoon at 2pm (14.00hrs). For those of you without access to a computer, we are hoping that we might be able to pair you up with a friend or neighbour, socially distanced of course, so that you will not miss out.

We will be printing our Membership Cards and sending them out shortly. These will have details of the temporary timings and of course the lectures that we have planned.